Massey Home Designs, LLC began in 1970 as a small,  part-time home design and  remodeling venture in the greater Birmingham, Alabama area . Thus began Creative  Design & Construction. Company.

As we grew over the years, we designed and drew construction plans "blue prints" for our customers and then often built the homes and additions per the plans.

In 1988, we were one of the very first in Alabama to branched into a new service  which later became the home inspection industry of today. The home inspection branch of our business was at that time named Preferred Consultants.

Our home designs can include alternative energy features such as Passive and / or active Solar elements, Photo Voltaic, Wind and Micro-Hydro power assisted designs. All of our designs are created  with high energy efficiency and ease of maintenance in mind.

In 2005, we modernized our design and drafting operation to include the latest in CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) software, which eliminated the hand drawn drafting method we formerly used to product home plans. It was then we incorporated and updated our name to Massey Home Designs, LLC.

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